Small Change, Big Payoff: Why You Need Some Comics Youth Merch ASAP

Lovers, readers, rioters, and doodlers: It’s us, your dearest pals at Comics Youth, calling to you from out of the lustrous, shiny stockroom where all of our most coveted merchandise lives to ask one massive, important question:
Isn’t it time you visited the Comics Youth store to get your paws on some of this?!

Of course it is! And here’s why.

First and foremost: Every last penny that you spend with us is reinvested back into the organisation to support the services we offer, and the young people we serve. Even the smallest spend can add up to the biggest helping hand.


We have the coolest, cutest tote bags! Perfect for lugging your fave comic books around in or for an eco-friendly way to carry your shopping home.


You’re a person of fine style and sound politics who definitely needs a few more pin badges on their lapel that declares your fabulous style and beliefs to anyone and everyone!


You just completely and utterly love a good zine. And who can blame you? We happen to stock some amazing ones, created by the very same young people your money will help to support.


Comics Youth is just like, the greatest, and you just want to help spread that good word to the people! That’s because you’re an absolute hero and we love you.

And remember, buying Comics Youth merch doesn’t just benefit our staff, our services, and our young people. It also benefits you, honey! You deserve treats and loveliness and all those fine things, and our store just so happens to be full of them.

You know what to do…