Illustrating Futures 2018

Tate Liverpool, 16-21 October 2018


21 October: 7 Hour Comic Challenge

Contribute towards a 24-page comic book story about the potential impact comic book creation and arts therapy can have on the mental health of young people.


20 October: Graphic Novels with Bryan and Mary Talbot

Come and hear collaborative writers, Costa award-winners Bryan and Mary Talbot, demonstrate the power of the graphic novel to communicate complex material in an accessible way. Emotionally charged biographical details, tangled historical events or the contemporary challenges of climate change – whatever the subject, the graphic novel’s unique combination of word and image can render it compelling.


20 & 19 October Isolation Zine workshop

Themed around Isolation we will explore the questions, What does Isolation mean to you? Why does isolation affect mental health? What steps can we take to reduce isolation? Using the medium of zine making to explore and communicate personal ideas, thoughts and feelings.

Zines or ‘DIY magazines’ can be about anything. This drop in workshop will provide inspiration and instruction on how to create submissions for our ‘Isolation’ zine, to be published in the New Year. Join us to learn how to make your own zine using a mixture of folding techniques, drawing, writing and collage.


18 October: Graphic Narrative workshop

Drop in, draw and write about how you feel about mental health services within the Liverpool City Region.


17 October 'How are you feeling today?' Minicomics workshop

'How are you feeling today?' Minicomics workshop

(Note: Need more pictures of the Tate 2018 exhibition, I used the pictures in 2017 for demonstration. )