Here and Queer: Liverpool is a project currently in the works by us here at Comics Youth CIC with funding from The Heritage Lottery Fund. Here and Queer are looking for LGBTQ+ people to take part in oral history interviews that will be collected into an anthology of transcripts and comics to document Liverpool's queer history.

In the current media climate we feel it is of great importance that more LGBTQ+ history is documented, preserved and passed on to younger generations in order for us all to have a better understanding of a history that is all too often ignored within mainstream teaching. The oral histories will also be turned into an online exhibition to help promote the anthology publication.

If you have ever or currently live in the merseyside area and identify within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum we want you to be involved!

We are looking for a diverse range of people from all ages/gender identities/ orientation/ethnicities to take part to make sure we have the fullest most honest representation of Liverpool’s queer heritage.

Download the full info pack and click through to application form to get involved.