Comics Youth Launches First Young Person Led Publisher of its Kind in the UK


Thanks to help from National Lottery Community funding, we’re ecstatic to announce the launch of our Marginal Leadership Programme: An incredible opportunity that will give young people aged 8 - 25 the chance to run their own publishing house from our very own Comics Youth HQ in Liverpool.

The 12-month mentoring initiative will provide marginalised young people with 1-2-1 coaching, training, mentoring, and guidance in a range of skills designed to inspire them as creators, and leaders, of their own publishing house. By giving underrepresented young people the chance to shape their own narratives, ‘Marginal’ aims to platform voices all too often excluded from mainstream culture.

We believe it’s time these voices were heard, and on their own terms.

Marginal will nurture stories that reflect current and real youth issues in the UK at a time when cuts to arts funding means that many of these voices have been neglected and silenced. We believe that young people deserve to see themselves as characters in, and the potential authors of, the books and comics they read. The bottom line? We want Marginal to be the magic wand that changes the landscape of UK culture to make that happen. Heck yeah…!


With Marginal, we’re committed to ensuring that all sectors of society are given the opportunity to tell their stories and in a manner that gives young people agency and pride over their narratives. We want the programme to be a creative megaphone for the types of young people often underrepresented within comics and print media, amplifying the voices of young people from LGBT, BAME, and working class communities; young people experiencing mental ill-health or special education needs; and looked after young people and those who have experienced inequality.

There will be 20 slots available on the programme in the first year, with a budget of £5,000 which our talented team of participants can use to expand their narratives - and change the world. Details on how young people can apply for this exciting opportunity are to follow shortly. Until then, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep up with our updates (and stonkingly good inspirational quotes).