Stranger Things #1


I do give away some spoilers in this review so if you haven’t seen the show yet or at least the first episode I recommend checking it out before reading on.

stranger things issue 1.jpg

The much anticipated Stranger Things comic book series from Dark Horse Comics released their first issue this past week and I was able to get my hands on a copy.

These four comics all written by Jody Houser will look to tell the Stranger Things story from Will Byers’ perspective as he’s trapped in the Upside Down. As far as the first issue goes you don’t get much in terms of new content other than Will likening his experience in the Upside Down to the game of Dungeons and Dragons he was playing earlier on with Mike, Lucas and Dustin but he soon realises this isn’t a game as if he wanted to survive he’d have to use his wits much like his alter ego Will The Wise to stay one step ahead of the Demogorgon which he has several close encounters with in this issue. You also get to see how Eleven recognises Will later in the show as he encounters her very briefly in the Upside Down and learn that it was in fact Will that Joyce heard on the phone the night after he disappeared. Its possible that because this is the first issue they don’t want to give too much away and with three more to go that’s plenty of time to tell the story, the comic just needs to find its footing at the moment.

As far as the design and artwork goes the original cover was created by Aleksi Briclot as well as three variant covers from Kyle Lambert (who also created the posters for the show’s first two seasons as well as the Stranger Things Halloween Horror Nights poster), Rafael Albuquerque and Patrick Satterfield.

The comic art was pencilled by Stefano Martino, inked by Keith Champagne and coloured Lauren Alfe and is definitely a throwback to 80s comic art as I’ve heard Dark Horse really wanted to make it feel like this was a comic book released in the 80s to fit in with the show’s timeline.

stranger things interior.png

From a personal standpoint as a massive fan of the show I really enjoyed this first issue. I didn’t want it to end, and I am really looking forward to the next one which will release on Halloween. I’d definitely recommend picking up the first issue if you’re a fan of the show and like me need your Stranger Things fix as we await season 3 in 2019!

Chris Manley

Steven Matthews